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Couples Communication Course

Start Date: Coming Soon

This 6-week class is for couples at various stages of their relationships to build and maintain healthy relationships.


The class focuses on understanding how personal history informs and influences communication. Participants learn techniques for regulating negative tendencies; developing and nurturing respect and affection; and cultivating stronger, deeper, and more long-lasting connections.


Class Schedule:

Week 1: Paths of Communication; Building Blocks for Effective Communication; Stages of Relationships

Week 2: Connecting Effectively

Week 3: Working as a "Team"

Week 4: Active Listening

Week 5: Repairing the Relationship

Week 6: Summary and Conclusion: Moving Forward with Love

The cost for this 6-week class is $937 per couple.

Questions about using your insurance for this course or other payment options?


Meet the Host



Dr. Cathia Walters (Dr. C)

Founder of Walters Wellness Group, educator, coach, and psychologist, Dr. C focuses on incorporating compassion and movement as part of healing.

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