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I’m here to help you on your path to radical self-acceptance. In our sessions, I utilize a strength-based framework to support you in healing from trauma and implement techniques to manage pain, whether physical or emotional.


Through the lens of self-compassion, I’ll help you:


  • Find ways to manage your stress and anxiety so you can feel grounded and more comfortable in your skin

  • Repair or heal from a broken relationship and redefine yourself as a confident and empowered woman 

  • Learn ways to cope with illnesses that affect your daily life, work, and relationships

  • Navigate big life transitions that affect your relationships, career, and family with more ease

  • Establish healthy boundaries and learn ways to confidently assert them

  • Deal with societal and cultural pressures that hinder your growth and self-expression so you can embrace you unique gifts & identities

  • Take charge of your life, create healthier dynamics in your relationships, & intentionally create more love and joy in your life

Let’s start this journey together.

Individual/Couples Therapy: Services
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