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Navigating Traumatic Experiences: 

 Pathways to Building a Thriving Life Grounded in Freedom

Start Date: Fall 2024

Navigating Traumatic Experiences is a one-year program, structured in four intentionally scaffolded modules, that provides participants with a basic understanding of how traumatic experiences impact the brain.


Participants will gain a set of techniques to help them navigate and process their own challenging experiences utilizing a compassionate lens.

The first module is required to participate in the other three. Once you’ve completed the first module (Grounding Skills), you can either enroll in Modules 2 through 4 as part of the entire year's curriculum or enroll individually in these modules.

The total cost for this year-long program is $2100

Questions about using your insurance for this course or other payment options?



Buddhist Singing Bowl
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Module 1, Grounding Skills, is a 9-week module that focuses on understanding the trauma brain and developing grounding skills to help people navigate their emotions.


This module supports participants’ understanding of traumatic experiences, how they manifest, and techniques for managing pain, fear responses, and feeling “stuck.”

Cost for this 9-week class is $600 

Module 1:
Grounding Skills


Silhouette with Mountains
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Module 3, Connecting to Others, is a 6-week module that examines the relationship between resilience and interpersonal relationships.


Participants cultivate their ability to build and sustain effective relationships while fostering resilience.

Cost for this 6-week class is $360 

Module 3:
Connecting to Others


Relaxing in Park
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Module 2, Connecting to Self, is a 7-week module that examines the relationship between resilience, self-compassion, and the integrated self.

Cost for this 7-week class is $420

Module 2:
Connecting to Self


Enjoying the Nature

Module 4, Connecting to the World, is a 12-week module that focuses on avoidance and how such behavior affects our access to the outside world.


Participants learn skills for cultivating more openness, compassion, connection, and access to new and different healing experiences.

Cost for this 12-week class is $720 

Module 4:
Connecting to the World


Meet the Host



Dr. Cathia Walters (Dr. C)

Founder of Walters Wellness Group, educator, coach, and psychologist, Dr. C focuses on incorporating compassion and movement as part of healing.

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