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The Restorative Retreat

Event Date: Saturday, September 14 , 2024

A Special One-Day Retreat for Women of Color

At this one-day retreat, a team of expert facilitators led by Dr. Cathia Walters will guide you through a transformational experience designed to help you get into your body and quiet your mind. Awaken all of your senses with movement, sound healing, journaling, and reflection. 


Get Into Your Body and Quiet Your Mind


You’ll begin with a morning yoga session followed by a nourishing breakfast. Throughout the day, awaken all of your senses with sound healing; journaling and reflection; and embodied movement.  Savory lunch and snacks are provided and every participant receives a special gift to take home.

Join Us

Saturday, Sepetember 14, 2024

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Walters Wellness Group 

2161 San Pablo Ave. Pinole, CA


Registration is limited to 12 people!


Retreats provide the rare opportunity to disconnect from day-to-day distractions and connect with intentional community. 


Self-care does not equal selfishness! 

Building up our ability to be compassionate towards ourselves increases our capacity to extend compassion to others. Invest in YOU today so that you can continue to show up for others and create the impact you wish to have in the world.


  • A chance to BE in community with other women of color and enjoy a day hosted by Dr. Cathia Walters and team. 

  • Journaling and reflection led by Dr. C ($25 value)

  • Yoga class ($40 value)

  • Sound Healing Session ($65 value)

  • Breathwork Session ($40 value)

  • Movement/Dance Class ($40 value)

  • Nourishing snacks throughout the day and lunch provided ($45 value)

  • Receive a special take-home memento to remember your retreat day ($25 value)

  • All experiences can be modified to meet any fitness level or age. 





Join us on Saturday, September 14, 2024. Registration is limited to 12 people.


Meet the Host



Dr. Cathia Walters (Dr. C)

Founder of Walters Wellness Group, educator, coach, and psychologist, Dr. C focuses on incorporating compassion and movement as part of healing.


“The retreat was beautiful. I came there feeling stressed and depressed and a heavy weight upon me but when I went through the yoga, meditation, and sound bath I released all tension that weekend. It was a true blessing to be a part of this retreat!”​

Nicole X., CA

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