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a virtual,year-long trauma support group

Start Date: June 6, 2023

Learn how the trauma brain works along with skills to help manage your trauma.

Managing Trauma is a 4-module program that begins with the learning and practice of Grounding Skills, a 10-week program. The other 3 modules are 6 to 12 weeks and focus on the relationship we create with ourselves, others, and the world.


Module 1: Grounding Skills (begins 6/6/23)

Module 2: Connecting to Self (date TBA)

Module 3: Connecting to Others (date TBA)

Module 4: Connecting to the World (date TBA)

These modules can be taken as a part of the full year-long program or as stand-alone modules, following the Grounding Skills class.

The cost for Module 1: Grounding Skills (9-week) class is $562

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Managing Life Skills (1)_edited.jpg


Start Date: June 7, 2023

Group meets virtually every Wednesday for 6 weeks

In the Managing Life Challenges course, you’ll learn skills to help you manage your anxiety, depression, and life stressors.


This six-week class will utilize Cognitive Behavioral & Solution Focused Strategies to support you in developing healthy lifestyle habits and effectively addressing some of the most common issues that arise in our lives.



Week 1: Introduction and Overview

Week 2: Managing Depression

Week 3: Managing Anxiety

Week 4: Coping with Sleep Difficulties

Week 5: Healthy Relationships and Emotional Regulation

Week 6: Wrap-up and Conclusion

The cost for this 6-week class is $374

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Start Date: June 10, 2023

a virtual 8-week support group for Black women

This eight-week support group is for Black women who want to explore their identities as related to their various roles and experiences. We focus on the ways that culture and society shape our lives and influence our ideas. We'll talk about and practice self-care, relationship management, and coping techniques. The group is interactive, with members steering the discussion along with the facilitator.


This group also engages in self-care practices such as dancing and/or yoga.


Women who participate in this group will access a supportive community with shared experiences and a judgment-free space to explore pain and difficulty without needing to censor themselves.  


The cost for this 8-week class is $497

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Start Date: June 12, 2023

group meets virtually every Monday at 6pm 

This 6-week, psychoeducational and hands-on class supports couples at various stages of their relationships to build and maintain healthy relationships. The class focuses on understanding how personal history informs and influences communication.


Participants learn techniques for regulating negative tendencies; developing and nurturing respect and affection; and cultivate stronger, deeper, and more long-lasting connections.


Class Schedule:

Week 1: Paths of Communication; Building Blocks for Effective Communication; Stages of Relationships

Week 2: Connecting Effectively

Week 3: Working as a "Team"

Week 4: Active Listening

Week 5: Repairing the Relationship

Week 6: Summary and Conclusion: Moving Forward with Love 

The cost for this 6-week class is $937 per couple.

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