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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

From February 29 through March 5 of 2024, I’m hosting a retreat in Costa Rica, at the lovely Imiloa Institute. I’ll be joined by co-facilitators, Dr. Yvette G. Flores and Miguel Angel. Dr. Flores is a seasoned community-clinical psychologist and Miguel Angel is a gifted facilitator and community organizer. Together, we have designed a program for you that is filled with learning, rest, and opportunities for growth and joy.

We’ll immerse ourselves in nature to enjoy nourishing food and grounding experiences. During our time together, you will increase your capacity for self-compassion and for extending compassion to others.

Invest in YOU today so that you can continue to show up for others and create the impact you wish to have in the world. We have payment plans available and are offering both triple and double accommodations to create more affordable retreat options.

REGISTER NOW for The Mindful Way Through: Managing Traumatic Experiences Retreat

February 29 – March 5, 2024

This 6-day intensive retreat will guide you further along your path toward freedom and ultimate fulfillment. Heal, grow, and create lifelong connections through this powerful experience.

Join Walters Wellness Group to prioritize your healing journey by engaging in the art of compassion, journaling, and movement, all as part of an intentional community. Discover new aspects of yourself and meet your tribe.

If you have retreat questions, including questions about payment plans, please email or join us for one of our informational meetings.

I hope you will join me in Costa Rica!

Dr. C

Testimonials from Walters Wellness Group Retreat Participants

“My greatest takeaway was that: Before the retreat, I already knew the importance of self-care; but going on the retreat helped me realize how beneficial getting away can be for my mental and physical health.”

- Destiny

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